If we could promote your business to...

...people who have visited your website...

...people who are searching for your products and services...

...people who are viewing content related to your business...

...people who have stepped foot into your competitors' business...

...would that be of interest you?


Think Tank uses proprietary technology to pin point your customer. Your virtual fence can be any shape or size and can be place anywhere you would like. A user walks into the fence for 3 seconds with their mobile device, we then collect them as a user and serve them ads for thirty days. We can then tell you when they walk into your business after being served an ad…Powerful!

Addressable Geo-Fencing

Ads are served to individual homes based on the property lines. Any mobile phone, tablet, computer or even TV can then receive your ads. Just like standard geofencing, we can track foot traffic to your business with this tactic. Think direct mail for your connected devices.

Site Retargeting

Do potential customers visit your site without taking action? With site retargeting we serve ads to those who visit your site and leave for a period of 30 days.

Search Retargeting

The internet has millions of search engines. With search targeting we pick up searches related to your business being performed by your potential customers locally, and serve them your ads.

Keyword Targeting

Interested in potential leads that are consuming content on line related to your business? This tactic targets keywords inside of articles and other items online that your potential customers are consuming. We then serve ads to those individuals that have expressed this behavior.

Category Targeting

Capture the audience that is visiting websites similar to your website Video Assets – Have a video or commercial about your business? We can utilize your video in your ads to promote your business.

Over the Top Television (OTT)

Research shows us that up to 40% of Americans have cut the cord on cable, and that number is only expected to rise. We can deliver your commercials to audiences watching streaming television for as little as 6 cents per commercial.

Address Curation

Need a demographic list? We have a tool that will filter home addresses by thousands of different categories to focus on exactly the audience you want to receive your ad.

Local SEO

Think Tank can manage your local search engine optimization across 75 different search engines. This will boost your organic SEO, and get your correct information boosted across organically across most search engines, including all of the big boys!


Having trouble managing your reviews across multiple sites? Think Tank can manage your reviews and alert you as soon as one is left. This enables you to control the conversation that is happening online about your business.


The Think Tank Media is a digital marketing agency based in Gadsden, AL. Our roots run deep in the advertising world having connections to small town America media companies across the Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States. With extensive experience in marketing, design, research and technology, no business is too big and no business is too small. Our team has worked with hospitals, car dealers, politicians, e commerce, and even an Amish furniture maker!